Saturday, August 9, 2008


The idea to start a blog about our sponsorship students was brought to my attention and I thought that was an AWESOME thank you Holly! So here it is!

First I want to say that you do NOT need to be a blogger member to leave comments on this blog. You can leave them by choosing ANONYMOUS. If you do this, PLEASE sign your name to your comment so I know who you are though. Thanks!

Right now, I am in contact with Mayan Families about several issues with our families. The family right now in the most dire need is Ana's. Her family does NOT have electricity and so the staff at Mayan Families is figuring out what that will cost us to supply that for them. That is something that was needed right away and is being taken care of with the leftover donations we had. Once I get more information about that...I will post it.

Ana's family is also in dire need of another bed. The bed they have now is made of tree branches and there are actually new branches and leaves sprouting from them. This will be the next thing we try to raise funds to purchase for their family.

Both families are in DIRE need of blankets. They do not have enough for all their family members. I have asked Mayan Families how we get them blankets as I think it will be more cost-effective to have them bought down there rather than shipped down.

Many have asked about sending down "care packages." YES!!! We CAN do this, although shipping runs a little high. But between all of us we should be able to split shipping costs and send down packages to the families. I have been researching this and once I have an answer I will post this information.

So here's the deal. Our students and their families are in need of many, many things. Some things that the families need can be bought by using PayPal through the Mayan Families website. There are specific directions as to HOW to do this on their website. You are more then welcome to purchase something for the families on your own, but please, PLEASE, let me know that you are doing it. However, I am assuming that many of you will just want to give a specific amount whenever you see fit to put towards the larger items that need purchased. As I learn more or hear more from Mayan Families, I will post it!

Thanks for being a part of something so wonderful. Together, our group can enrich the lives of these two families! If you have any questions at all please e-mail me. And don't think you have to participate in is just for those who WANT to. It's totally OK if you can't, or don't want to. I also understand that many of you sponsor a child already through Mayan Families which is awesome!


Kevin, Isabella, Jennifer Kramer said...

Thanks for creating a blog about our "Mayan" families. We appreciate your time!

Tara said...

AWESOME!!!! They look so happy!